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  The Courier Online, Old Dominion University, July 11, 2003
A work of art (photo)
Vic Pickett, professor of art and well-known sculptor, helps Lisa Catron position her latest creation on its base. Catron, a senior art major from Norfolk, is taking a sculpture tutorial this summer.
  Heavy Metal
Silversmith Giles Todd crafts everything from tea sets to trophies for Tiffany and Co., Old Dominion University Alumni Magazine, Fall 2001.
Todd is quick to credit his professors at Old Dominion for his success, most notably Victor Pickett and Dianne deBeixedon. He calls Pickett one of his greatest artistic influences, and cites deBeixedon's emphasis on detail as a hallmark of his own work. "Primarily it is his form and her technique that I draw from," he said.
  Fred Bayersdorfer, "Those Who Can, TEACH," Old Dominion University Alumni Magazine, Summer 2000, p. 10-11.
In the sciences and engineering, instructional faculty who also conduct research are valued for the real-world perspectives they bring to the classroom, The same is true of faculty in the art department.
  ODU Honors College - Faculty/Staff . Art as Experience -- Ken Daley, Vic Pickett. June 11, 2000.
  University Gallery reopening at new 21st Street location Jan. 15. The Courier, News for Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends.
Newspaper Articles

Teresa Annas, "An Artist Carves Out His Gallery of Dreams"
Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 4 December 1994, Daily Break, p. E1.
The sculpture is especially strong, including works by Vic Pickett,...


Jimmy Gnass, "Distingquished Metal: ODU Professor's Eccentric, Abstract Works Stand Tall"
Virginian-Pilot, Monday, 20 June1994, Daily Break, p. E1.
THE LOOMING, 10-foot tall, polished stainless steel structure rises from the floor of the Chrysler Hall lobby. It looks like a circle stretched into an oblong, silver egg.

  Robert Merritt, "Human Form's Gracefulness Highlighted in Exhibit at UR," Richmond Time Dispatch, 14 January 1991, sec. Art & Travel, p. C-5.
Sculpture doesn't get nearly the exhibition attention of painting, but Mark Rhodes, an assistant professor of art at the University of Richmond, is one sculptor who can remind us of that contemplative vision that the three- dimensional form has. . .
  "FACES/PLACES," Daily Press (Newport News), 16 February 1990,  sec. Neighbors - South Of The James, p.4.
The Exhibit of Excellence: Suffolk Student Art 1990, sponsored by Suffolk Art League in cooperation with Suffolk Fine Arts Commission, has chosen 73 works for exhibition out of 120 submitted by local high students. Victor Pickett, Professor of Art at Old Dominion University judged the students entries and announced the winners at a preview reception and awards ceremony on Feb. 4.
Five honorable mention ...
  Robert Trotter, "Mauer/Pickett exhibit packs 2-fisted dimensional punch," Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 7 April 1985, p. G14.
Combining the art of Ernest Mauer and Victor Pickett in the same exhibition is not only a stroke of genius, but also a revelation of dimension.
  Joe Fahy, "Heavy-metal sculptor: Victor Pickett shares unwieldy materials into art," Virginian-Pilot, Thursday, 6 December 1984, p. B1.
The windowless room, set in a line of unmarked buildings on 47th Street in Norfolk, is a frugal square of cinder block and cured concrete, littered with the by-products of invention.
  Karen Jowers, "War memorial to veterans moving closer to reality," The Ledger-Star and The Virginian-Pilot, 10/11 July 1984, sec. Virginia Beach Beacon, p. 10.
The dream of Virginia Beach military veterans for a war memorial has come a little closer to reality.
Other members of the artistic committee included Victor Pickett, a sculptor and chairman of the art department at Old Dominion University;...
more about Memorial> Tidewater Veterans Memorial website.
  Cheryl Tucker, "Sculptor strives for visual poetry," The Times-Herald, Leisure 78, (Newport News, Va) Saturday, 14 October 1978, p. L1 and L12.
Some artists try to make a statement with their work. Vic Pickett likes making "visual poems."
  Theresa Annas, "Pickett: engineering poetry in gleaming metal," The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star, Sunday, 29 October 1978.
Much as a mirror gives the illusion of a larger room, Victor Pickett's large, highly polished stainless steel sculptures expand and clarify the qualities of any environment.


William Ruehlmann, "Anvils and torches tools of elfin artist," The Ledger-Star, Wednesday, 11 October 1978, p.
Chrysler Museum is currently having an exhibition of Vic Pickett's urban art, but the curators can't get most of his stuff in there.


Feelings dictate forms of stainless steel art, " The Compass, Virginian-Pilot, Friday, 11 February 1977.

Bob Trotter, "Victor Pickett: The Sculptor Who Creates Pure Form," Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 8 February 1976.
On Monday morning an eight-foot tall sculpture of reflective stainless steel will be moved from studios at Old dominion University to the lobby of Chrysler Hall.
The sculpture is the work of Victor Pickett and was commissioned by the City of Norfolk.

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