Architectural Sculpture Commissions

  Seat of Wisdom, outdoor stainless steel sculpture, Catholic High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1995.
  Untitled, suspended 4' diameter sculpture with lights turning at 1/2rpm, Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach Virginia, 1995.
  Holocaust Memorial Sculpture, 10' high sculpture outside the United Jewish Federation, Norfolk, Virginia, 1992.
  Space Plane 3, 7' high by 6' diameter, Old Dominion University President's Sculpture, Norfolk, Virginia, 1990.
  Linear Space, 8' high sculpture, stainless steel, Arboretum 111, Richmond, Virginia, 1989.
  Circle Four, 6' high sculpture, Owens and Minor Building, Richmond, Virginia, 1989.
  Circle Squared, 16' high sculpture Lewis Hall Court Yard, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia, 1982.
  Bell Support Memorial, Old Court House Building, Henderson and Phillips Inc., Norfolk, Virginia, 1981.
  Rotation 4' diameter ceiling suspended sculpture, Helena Building, Norfolk, Virginia, 1980.
  8' and 3' relief sculpture, stainless steel, Guest Quarters, Atlanta Georgia, 1980.
  Two 14' high and 10' diameter sculptures, Euclid Square Mall, Euclid, Ohio, 1977.
  Space Twist 2, 30' high sculpture, Chesterfield Mall, St. Louis, MO, 1976.
Chesterfield Arts Places Three New Sculptures, Chesterfield County Citizen, Volume XIII, Number 4. (PDF). See: St. Louis Regional Arts Commission (Chesterfield).
  Space Form, 8' diameter sculpture, Chrysler Hall Scope Cultural and Convention Center, Norfolk, Virginia, 1975.
  Free Form II and Free Form III, two 16' high and 10' diameter sculptures, Hanes Mall, Winston Salem, North Carolina, 1975.
  3' diameter sculpture, NCNV Home Office, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1975.
  Light, Space, Movement, 18' Kinetic Sculpture with Lights, Shadows, Steel Forms, United Virginia Bank, Norfolk, Virginia, 1972.
  8' high sculpture, Waccamaw Bank and Trust Company, Whiteville, North Carolina, 1969.
  Free Form, 10' high sculpture, Kaufman Engineering building, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, 1966.