"Most of my art is the continual exploration and development of three-dimensional form and space, with the resulting combination of material, light, color, surface properties, and movement.”
These situations in turn result in illusions, multiple readings, and visual relationships about the condition of chaos and order."

A native of North Carolina, Victor Pickett was born in Durham. He received a Bachelor of Product Design Degree at North Carolina State University, where he studied with Roy Gussow and Jose de Rivera. Pickett worked for Buckminster Fuller at Synergetics-Geodesics as a designer draftsman. He also has a degree of Master of Arts in Sculpture from East Carolina University. Pickett is presently a professor of sculpture at Old Dominion University.

  The Citadel, Charleston, SC 1953-1954
  Duke University, Durham, NC 1954-1956
  US Navy, 1956-1959
  North Carolina State University, School of Design
    Bachelor of Product Design, 1962
  East Carolina University, Art Department
    Master of Arts, Sculpture, 1964
  MIT, Center for Advanced Visual Studies
    Program in Art and Technology, Summer 1995
Professional Work
  Student Engineer: du Pont de Nemours Company, , Summer 1961
  Designer Draftsman: Synergetics-Geodesics, Inc., Buckminster Fuller, James Fitzbons, 1962
  Designer Draftsman: Union Carbide Corporation, 1963-64
  Collaborated with Jose de Rivera and Roy Gussow: Architectural sculpture for the Museum of History and Technology, The Smithsonian Institution
  Old Dominion University, 1964 - Present
    Professor of Sculpture, 1974 - Present
    Art Department: Administration Chair, 1983 - 87
    Course Development: Original Design Foundations Program
    Courses Taught: Sculpture, Painting, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Diminsional Design, Color, Design Application, Graduate Art Tutorial, Art Education Practicum, Space in Art and Science, Honors Program: Art as Experience
  Visiting Professor: University of Georgia, Art Department, Athens, GA. 1972
  Visiting Artist and Critic: University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts, 1971, 1973, 1979